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Research is delivering better treatments
for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scottish Brain Sciences is a research organisation dedicated to early detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions. We deliver clinical trials of new diagnostics and medicines that slow or stop disease progression.

By joining our research community, you will receive a brain health check to better understand your current health, and the opportunity to join research that will transform the future for people impacted by Alzheimer’s.

Our Ethos

We put your health first

We offer a brain health ‘MOT’ so that everyone can understand their current brain health and have the opportunity to join research trials.

Our team works tirelessly every day with one urgent priority: speeding breakthroughs that will enable better brain health for all.


Our model is different

We tackle the overall challenge of getting better treatments directly to waiting patients.

We provide a full-service model for clinical research – engagement with patients, a national network of research centres, and laboratory and imaging services.

Our Approach

We have global impact

With our participants, we will build one of the world’s largest biobanks of genetic, blood and imaging data in neurodegenerative disease.

This data will speed progress in the search for better Alzheimer’s diagnostics and treatments.

Get in touch

If you are concerned about your memory or have a diagnosis of a brain condition such as mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease, please get in touch. Our team will match you with any appropriate research projects that might help you get the answers you need.

Joining our research community is free. You will never have to pay for any consultation, assessment, or treatment as our programmes are paid for by our sponsors.

Latest news and research

Join us at our Open Research Evening – “Can We Prevent and Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?”

We are very excited to be hosting an Open Research Evening - “Can We Prevent and Cure Alzheimer's Disease?” - for participants and members of the public who are interested in what we do at SBS, how the brain is impacted by Alzheimer's disease, and how the new medications that are being developed aim to treat it. Read more and book your spot...

SBS webinar event for GPs in Scotland

With this webinar event, we hope to create a proactive Scottish network of GPs who want to help their patients become more aware of their current and future brain health.
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