We are building one of the world’s largest brain health research communities to transform how we detect and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are aged 50 years or above, live in Scotland and have someone who can join as a study partner, you may be suitable to join our study.

How it works

  • Join our research community to register interest in our trials and receive information on how to protect your brain health.
  • Get a free brain health check – If eligible to join our study, you will be invited to one of our research centres and offered a free check-up. This will involve memory and thinking tasks, physical health assessments, and interviews with our research team.
  • Following a personalised review, you may be matched to appropriate clinical trials for new tests and medicines.

Who can join?

Right now, we are recruiting people aged over 50 who can travel to our research centre in Edinburgh. In future we will open further opportunities for those living in other areas of Scotland.

“The first person to be cured of Alzheimer’s disease will be in a clinical trial”

SBS Research participant