Webinar – Creating a Scottish Network of GPs to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Published on 16/05/24 by Scottish Brain Sciences

We are hosting a lunchtime learning webinar on 28th May, for GPs practising in Scotland. The session is for those GPs interested to learn more about brain health and the latest advancements in early detection and intervention in Alzheimer’s disease.  

Scottish Brain Sciences works across the triple helix of academia, healthcare, and industry to discover early biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases and provide disease modifying therapies for their prevention.

We have created the IONA Longitudinal Cohort Study, which collects a multitude of biological, cognitive, genetic, and neuroimaging data to detect the early changes that occur during neurodegenerative disease.

This kick-off webinar event will help to create a proactive Scottish network of GPs who want to help their patients become more aware of their current and future brain health.

The event is only available via an invite link. If you are a practicing GP in Scotland and interested in attending, email us at Info@brainsciences.scot.

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