The SBS Blog – Welcome our new Head of Laboratory Sciences!

Published 31/07/23 by Scottish Brain Sciences

Recently, Scottish Brain Sciences team was thrilled to welcome Dr Alison Green to the Leadership Team as our Head of Laboratory Sciences! As part of our commitment to advancing clinical research, Alison brings over 25 years’ experience as a noted clinical biochemist in the development and evaluation of dementia biomarkers. Over her career, she has also been a pioneer of RT-QuIC analysis for the identification of Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

After her appointment, Alison told us that she is “delighted to be working with Scottish Brain Sciences (SBS) at this pivotal moment in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research.  The recent development of sensitive blood tests for AD and the emergence of new drug treatments mean that this is a crucial time for AD research.”

With the new objective of looking to biomarkers, she addressed why it is so important for Scottish Brain Sciences to expand toward that. “Establishing a new biomarker laboratory within SBS is vital to undertake the much-needed research into new drug therapies, and to ensure we are ready to offer new blood tests to the AD community as soon as these tests are accepted into clinical practice.”

We are indeed lucky to be able to have her knowledge, experience, and intuitive leadership here within our organisation, and we are excited to see how she leads the development of our cutting-edge lab space!

Welcome to the team, Alison!

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