Donanemab marks start of “new story” in Alzheimer’s research

Professor Craig Ritchie has told an international Alzheimer’s conference that phase 3 clinical trial results for donanemab, the antibody drug designed to target and clear the amyloid plaques considered key to progression of Alzheimer’s disease, reveal the drug’s “profound” clinical effect. 

Chief Scientist calls for more research volunteers

With the publication of Scotland’s new dementia strategy, the government’s Chief Scientist for Health, Professor Anna Dominiczack says it is now an important time to help make life-changing discoveries – encouraging Scots to volunteer for research into progressive brain conditions.

Scotland hosts second world brain health summit

Professor Craig Ritchie, CEO of Scottish Brain Sciences co-hosts the second international brain health summit in St Andrew’s, bringing together experts across the NHS, academia, and industry for a two-day conference.

The SBS Blog – June 2023 Recap

With visits to both Boston, Massachusetts for the BIO Convention, as well as San Francisco, California, for an exciting Life Sciences reception, June 2023 was a big month for Scottish Brain Sciences. And one that also promised big things on the horizon!

A Strategy for Brain Health

Scottish Brain Sciences Founder and Chief Executive, Professor Craig Ritchie, welcomes the Scottish Government’s new dementia strategy and says Scotland can now complete the picture with a separate national Brain Health Strategy.

The hope for a life-long healthy brain

Professor Ritchie spoke with The Times about the drive to advance research at a faster pace than manageable within the NHS.

Edinburgh team show how Alzheimer’s spreads

New insights from research led by the University of Edinburgh reveal that the structures sending neurological signals and supporting normal brain function also enable the build-up of toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease – a finding which they say could prove vital in the search for therapies for slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The silent victims of brain injury

In recent years more and more evidence has been found of the link between head injuries – be it at work, at war or on the sports field – and the onset of neurological conditions several or many years later. A neuropathologist involved in leading research at the University of Glasgow says the message to those affected is that you can take steps, and you shouldn’t give up hope. However, Professor Willie Stewart also says he believes that there is one group of people at risk are remaining silent.

Pharma companies collaborate on early Alzheimer’s diagnoses

Roche has announced its collaboration with its counterpart Eli Lilly to try to achieve early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using the diagnostic Elecsys Amyloid Plasma Panel – testing blood plasma for key Alzheimer’s disease markers.

Redefining clinical meaningfulness

A World Dementia Council Summit will this week (Monday) discuss how teams conducting clinical research into Alzheimer’s disease and wider dementia can measure what matters when some interventions clearly benefit patients but may not deliver the dramatic improvements needed to meet current definitions of effectiveness.