The SBS Blog – Welcome our new Head of Impact and Innovation!

Published on 22/01/24 by Scottish Brain Sciences

We are very excited to be welcoming Anna Borthwick to our ever-growing SBS team!

Thanks to Anna’s experience in public engagement and media campaigns within the medical research field, she will play an exciting and vital part in both our internal and external communications and relations here at SBS. She will help us share our mission and our message, and help shape our connections to the community within the Alzheimer’s and dementia life sciences landscape.

Anna Borthwick

Anna Borthwick

Head of Impact and Innovation

As she explains, “I will have responsibility for our engagement and impact programmes, and I’m keen to explore how we can bring the exciting opportunities that now exist in brain health research to an even broader audience. Having worked closely with people at risk of and living with brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s for close to a decade, I know how vital this research is and how much hope it brings to those most affected. The prospect of being able to detect disease in its earliest stages, and to offer disease-modifying treatments, genuinely changes how we will perceive of and manage dementia in future, and I’m delighted to be part of that effort here in Scotland.”

So, as Head of Impact and Innovation with SBS, what is your vision for the months to come, Anna?

“With regards to our impact programme, I will also focus on ensuring that our work in SBS is a force for wider social good. As we develop, we will create and support programmes that improve brain health literacy and empower people to reduce their risk of disease. Part of this will target those communities that we know have an increased risk of disease, or who experience barriers to healthcare. And we will also ensure that our operations are delivered sustainably and that SBS plays its role in building a greener future for everyone.”

There are certainly lots of exciting things on the horizon for Scottish Brain Sciences, and we are so pleased that Anna will help to lead the way with our engagement and impact programmes!

Welcome to the team, Anna!

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